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Try This Simple Practice in Mindful Eating

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Why is mindfulness such a buzz word these days? Because it is a profound practice that really works! And when it comes to weight loss and overall health, mindful eating is an essential part of the equation.

When you become truly present as you eat, you’ll see that you eat less and enjoy your food much more.

The Key to Optimal Health

When you eat under stress, it takes a major toll on your digestive system, and according to Ayurveda, digestive health is the key to optimal overall health. So we should definitely refrain from multitasking while eating and instead practice gratitude and presence as we do.

Here’s a simply mindful eating practice that everyone can enjoy:

How to Eat Mindfully

Take a piece of food that you really, truly love. Perhaps it’s a Medjool date, a morsel of super-dark chocolate, or a glass of Pellegrino with lemon.

Now put it in your mouth, whatever it is and take the time to savor every single part of it. Let all the tastes, textures, and smells mingle in your mouth. Take the time to focus your attention on all the sensations that come up as you do this. Breathe deeply in between bites or sips.

As you do this, take a few moments to inquire and ask yourself the following questions:

  • “Is it possible that I can I pay more attention to what I’m eating or drinking?”
  • “How can I take the time to really shower this edible treat with appreciation?”
  • “In what ways can I be more aware as I eat?”
  • “How could this practice translate into other areas of my life?”

Now take more time than you normally would to really chew your food. If it’s a drink, simply take less liquid in at a time as you normally would. If you have a piece of food, chew it into the smallest possible bits that you can. This supports healthy digestion as well as mindful eating.

Practice this lesson in mindful eating for 5 minutes every day and see how it transforms the way you eat and drink!

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