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Top 10 Yoga Blogs 2013

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Before we get to the last month of 2013, we wanted to continue our annual tradition of creating a list of great yoga blogs for you guys. Ok, we've only done this once before, but then again we've only been around for a little over a year, so let's just call it a tradition. Anyways, creating a list of other yoga blogs might seem counter intuitive, considering that is a yoga blog itself, but just like with news, we believe that it's always good to have more than one source of information. Plus, we read these blogs on a daily basis, so we're really excited to share them with our readers (that's you!).

And while these are our top 10 picks, we list them below in no particular order because we just couldn't rank them! They are all great in their own ways, so let's get right to it, shall we? Here are our favorite yoga blogs for 2013:

Daily Cup Of Yoga BlogDaily Cup of Yoga

Yessss, we know we already featured this blog in our Top Yoga Blogs 2012, but what can we say? A year later and we still use Daily Cup Of Yoga as a constant inspiration. Owner Brian touches topics reaching from yoga books, gear, apps, tech, and videos to more practical yoga stuff (there's a dedicated section on meditation). By the way, DailyCupOfYoga is definitely an evergreen and has been around for years!

Yoga Buzz BlogYoga Buzz

Yoga Buzz is the yoga news and trends section at Yoga Journal and we love it because it doesn’t “sell” yoga to you as some other blogs tend to do. They cover even the complex and touchy subjects like the social, political, and religious aspects of yoga practice.

Rachel Brathens BlogRachel Brathen’s Blog

We recently featured Rachel Brathen in our article about 8 Amazing Women Who Are Making a Difference so it’s not shocking that we would add her blog to this year’s list of top blogs as well. What we love most about her blog is that it really has a personal touch to it – you see pictures from her travels (though her Instagram covers that, really), classes, and her personal healthy recipes. Follow her on Facebook for tons of cool beach yoga photos 🙂


Yoganonymous has evolved into one of the largest yoga blogs on the web. And it covers a lot of ground, be it yoga music, yoga practice, wellness, lifestyle, healthy eating or even weekly horoscopes. Also check out their Facebook page, it has a huge community and is fun to follow.

Fuck Yeah YogaFuck Yeah Yoga

Fuck Yeah Yoga is a hub for short and sweet daily yoga inspiration in the form of photos, videos, short articles and quotes on Tumblr. The photos are freaking stunning and the stuff you see there is often funny (witty!) and sometimes inspirational and never too spiritual. We say fuck yeah!! Excuse our French.

Curvy YogaCurvy Yoga

Anna Guest-Jelley founded Curvy Yoga with the aim of inspiring and providing a source of useful information for the full-figured, full-hearted yogis. She did this after noticing the lack of available resources for curvy women who want to start a yoga practice at home. But while the site caters to curvy yogis, the content it has can be helpful to yogis of all sizes.

Elena BrowerElena Brower’s Blog

We like her blog because it offers a perfect balance of yoga practice/asanas and inspirational stuff that teaches you to love and nourish yourself – something that we all tend to forget to do in the busy-ness of daily life. Definitely check it out 🙂

The Yoga BlogThe Yoga Blog

“Life through the yoga lens” – that’s how TheYogaBlog describes their site, and they couldn’t be more spot on. They go beyond the usual yoga, spirituality, and healthy living topics. TheYogaBlog also covers poetry, product reviews (including apps/books/clothing and gear), and even world news and the latest in pop culture. Founder Matt also introduced curated content from other websites.

Elephant JournalElephant Journal

Ask any yogi or even just wellness enthusiasts about their favorite blogs, and you’re sure to hear Elephant Journal in that list. And although a significant percentage of the blog covers yoga and wellness, you also get insightful content on family, food, sex and relationships, humor, etc.

Ekhart YogaEkhart Yoga

Whether you’ve been practicing yoga for 20 years or 20 minutes, there’s great advice in this blog for everyone. It has a focus on the technical and practical aspect of yoga, but also touches the more inspirational topics. The articles are written by Esther Ekhart (online yoga video legend) and many guest authors with different backgrounds.

That concludes our top 10 list of yoga blogs for this year. Obviously, this list is in no way meant to be exhaustive. These are just some of our favorite blogs and we'd love to hear your favorites too. So now it's your turn!

Which yoga blogs inspire you?

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