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These Are The Eco-Friendly Shoes You’d Actually Wear (VIDEO)

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We are all for going green and finding more sustainable, environment-friendly alternatives to the things we use in daily life. But we have to admit that when it comes to footwear, there aren’t a lot of eco-friendly options that also aesthetically fit what we’re looking for.

Entrepreneurs Stephen Hawthornthwaite and Roth Martin got the idea from their wives to create a “go-to shoe” that’s not only comfortable and fashionable, but also sustainable and has a low impact on the environment. So they created Rothy’s Shoes.

Their Earth-friendly, machine-washable, and recyclable flats are made from 100% fiber from PET water bottles. One of their goals was to show that “comfort can be beautiful” and you don’t have to be a jerk to Mother Nature to achieve that either. There is one downside, though: the ballet flats go for $125 a pair, while the pointed flats sell for $145.

This isn’t exactly what we’d call affordable nor accessible to the masses, but hey—it’s still an awesome idea to show that we CAN have beautiful shoes that don’t hurt the planet we all live in.

What do you think — would you consider buying these eco-friendly shoes? Sound off below!

Video credit: Upworthy / InTheKnow

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