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The Yogi’s Guide To Decision Making

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Do you pine and teeter over making a decision? And I don’t mean what kind of smoothie to order, although that can be the most daunting of choices because really, who wants to end up with a dud?

What I’m talking about though are those decisions that feel like if you make a misstep, your life will be over as you know it. Decisions like ending a relationship, whether to move cities, leave a job or have that really difficult conversation – you know, the decisions that make your belly go plonk.

If you’re standing at a fork in the road, fear not. Try testing out some of the tips below so that you can feel empowered to make big-ass decisions with courage and yogi swagger.

  • Create space.

For me, this takes shape in the physical, spiritual and emotional. Try cleaning up the space you inhabit. Cluttered rooms can make for cluttered hearts, so get rid of the excess. This might also mean taking time away from others and creating a clear orbit around you.

Next, you’ll need to create some internal space by exploring meditation, breathing and relaxation, a bath or maybe a yoga practice. It’s time to turn off the boob-tube, get still, relax and release and stop fretting.

  • Clean diet + clean body = clean mind & heart.

Instead of reaching for the booze, maybe it’s time for lemon water or some tea. I mean, you don’t have to get all restrictive and constrained, but it’s good to recognise that a clear mind can be created through a clean diet.

Try to eliminate anything that’s going to alter your state of mind – that means loads of sugar, coffee, alcohol and any other brain rocking substances. Take a shower, put on fresh clothes, eat healthy food and feel open in your heart. It’s from within this sphere of self-care that the answers can blossom.

  • Feel it, don’t think it.

I know, this one is totes tough. It’s about getting embodied so that you can make decisions from within, without the exhausting thought-barrage that can get in the way of intuition. Try a simple practice of quieting the mind by lying on the ground and breathing deep into your belly.

Really focus on your breath and every time you drift into thought, softly bring yourself back. This simple practice will help you to dial down the volume on the fluctuations of your mind and get into a more connected, intuitive space.

  • Screw the advice.

I’m a firm believer that you, me and everyone we know, can figure out our own shit. Yes, advice can be a wonderful way to get a different perspective on a situation. But as you know, yoga is about uncovering those answers from within.

Instead of going to someone else, why not look to the head honcho (that’s you, dawg) for some guidance. The above steps will help you to strengthen that trust in yourself and that deep understanding that you’re totally capable of steering your own ship.

  • Make it and move on.

Here’s one that’s been a game changer for me. Once the decision is made, once you’ve felt it, tasted it and chosen it, then don’t turn back. If you’ve already done the work to get you to that clear point where the decision has crystallised, there’s no reason to go back over it. If your mind starts to wander over the terrain again, to rehash and worry, you’ve got to rein that bad-boy in.

In the end, your work is to soften through the fear. Yes, it’s scary to make big decisions but don’t let that fear get the better of you. By practicing the above, you can start to let go of the worry and be guided by that inner voice that knows just what the right answer is (even if it’s not easy or pretty).

None of us wants to suffer or be unhappy with the choices that we make in this life. And you know what? Sometimes we do make decisions where the outcome blows and then we just have to live with it.

Try your darnedest to accept yourself and know that if you’re exploring, putting in the effort and really diving deep, then one thing is for sure – you’re doing a really good job.

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