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The Yoga Teacher Barbie Scandal

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Earlier this year, Mattel included a Yoga Teacher Barbie in its ‘I Can Be…’ line for the Target supermarket chain in the US. I personally think it’s an interesting indication of the growing popularity of yoga, nothing more. The blogosphere, however, turned this matter into a controversial discussion for all kinds of reasons.

Barbie doing yoga in a plastic box.

Some complain about how Barbie represents the role and looks of women in a terrible way. Others, such as this writer, find it a little dismaying that Mattel continues to produce Barbie doing ‘girly’ sports such as gymnastics, tennis and yoga, instead of basketball and rugby. Some bloggers even complain about the Yoga Teacher Barbie set coming with a little pooch instead of a yoga blog or strap.

I say: Cool out, please. Barbie may be on her way to a nice Doga workout, after all! And isn't all this buzz only creating awesome extra PR for Mattel?

What say you, yogis?


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