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The Wonderful Energy of Power Yoga

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Is it possible to attain inner peace, a harmony of the mind, body, and soul, while getting an honest-to-goodness, sweat-your-socks-off, fat-burning workout? Is there a way to meditate and burn more calories at the same time? Can you engage in an activity that involves slow and steady movements, and yet tests your strength while helping you keep fit? The answer to all these is a resounding YES thanks to the energizing, yet strangely calming, Power Yoga. Imagine being fit, relaxed, and rejuvenated all at the same time. The unlikely combination of the serenity of yoga and the gut-busting energy of high-impact sports like boxing could prove to be just what the doctor ordered.


What is Power Yoga?

There are various types of yoga, usually differing in pace and style of movement. Power Yoga is also known as the Indian Ashtanga Yoga, although it has been altered to ensure a better fit for a Western lifestyle. It is probably one of the more physically-demanding types of yoga, somewhat similar to a full-fledged body workout. It calls for the ability to concentrate and focus on the task at hand. It also requires discipline and a degree of physical stamina to be able to hold the yoga poses for a longer time, along with coordinated breathing, while exerting all effort to make a smooth transition to the succeeding pose. It may cause some pain in the beginning, as your body is trying to accustom itself to the new movements, but as your flexibility improves, you will find yourself happily adjusting to the routine.

What are the Benefits of Power Yoga?

Aside from training your body to become more flexible as it gets contorted into different poses, you will gain a newfound self-discipline as your ability to concentrate is developed, while you go through each pose gracefully after holding them for a longer period of time. Your physical strength is also improved as you practically challenge your body to its limit, at the same time trying to focus on your current position, and doing your best to make the transition from pose to pose as smooth as possible. You will develop better posture and a wonderfully toned physique. Power Yoga also helps in freeing your body from harmful toxins which are blissfully released as you perspire. The rigorous yoga poses also serve as an excellent stress reliever, better than taking medication any time.

Is Power Yoga for You?

You thus start considering if Power Yoga is the right choice for you. The truth is, Power Yoga is for those who are physically healthy, and whose bodies are properly conditioned to handle the tough routine. It is not recommended for individuals with prevailing aches and pains as they may be aggravated. A certain degree of flexibility must be present or at least slowly developed at the onset of the course, in order to be able to perform the various yoga poses correctly, and more importantly, to prevent injury.

Once you determine your physical capability, you could try it out and see if this unlikely and yet seemingly effective, and definitely interesting form of yoga is what your body has been yearning for. It is a big contrast to the gentler forms of yoga out there, but in a way that complements this side of yoga, as in a Yin and Yang. You will be greatly encouraged by what Power Yoga can help you accomplish – a healthier body, a keener mind, and a more balanced spirit.

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