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The Week in Yoga #83

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This week's version of the Week in Yoga is chock full of yogi goodness. This week's Yoga Pose of the Week teaches you how to do Revolved Head to Knee Pose, and the wonderful Briohny Smyth also walks you through how to strengthen your Plank Pose.

Find out how to combat PTSD with yoga, and how to stay calm like a yogi as we start to move into the holiday season. Get all this and more in this week's Week in Yoga. Enjoy!

revolved head to knee poseHow to Do Revolved Head to Knee Pose

Although this pose is done on the ground, it still offers all of the same benefits you gain from many standing poses. Revolved Head to Knee Pose allows your body to feel long and graceful, at the same time challenging your flexibility in a different way. Read more…

combat ptsd with yogaHow to Combat PTSD with Yoga

Helping a loved one or a student through Chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (or PTSD) can be a very difficult task. Yoga can be a gentle way to help a person suffering from PTSD decrease the symptoms and compliment the healing process. Read more…

common misalignments in plank pose5 Common Misalignments in Plank Pose

The first step to deepening your yoga practice is to build a stronger understanding of foundational asanas. Plank is a tough pose that requires full body engagement, but it can also teach you so much about your habitual posture, as many of your misalignments stem from that. Read more…

unexpected benefits of yoga for kids5 Unexpected Benefits of Yoga for Kids

There have been debates and debacles about whether to introduce yoga to kids. I say, why not? If yoga provides so many amazing benefits to adults, why wouldn’t it provide equally great benefits to kids? Read more…

how to stay calmHow to Stay Calm: Tips From a Yogi

From decorations to endless decisions — ’tis the season to be stressed out. What’s a yogi to do? Stay calm, of course. Time to hop on the mat, yogi, and when we’re done Down Dogging, we can do the following to stay calm. Read more…

yoga poses every woman needs to knowThe Top 5 Yoga Poses Every Woman Needs To Know

You don’t need to do a full on practice to invite the benefits of yoga into your daily life. The following poses can be done on their own in the moments that you feel you need their benefits the most. Allow your practice to become a “go to” place for strength, energy, deep relaxation, and to get to know yourself. Read more…

holistic benefits of lotus poseThe Holistic Benefits of Lotus Pose

While many yoga poses have wonderful benefits for our bodies by improving flexibility, strength, and toning, sometimes the more gentle poses are the ones that create deep change within us. Lotus Pose, or Padmasana, is an extremely powerful pose, especially for women. Read more…

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