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The Week In Yoga #6

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This week in (DoYou)yoga, we brought you hundreds of pregnant yogis, foods that make you happy and support your yoga practice, an awesome bedtime yoga sequence, and even the latest technology in the world of yoga.

But enough with the chit chat, let's get to the stuff that YOU read and liked on DYY this week. Here's our weekly roundup:

Top 5 Post-Yoga Meal Ideas From A Nutritionist-Top 5 Post-Yoga Meal Ideas From A Nutritionist

Last week we talked about some ideas for your pre-yoga snack. This week, lets look at something that is equally as important as pre-workout fuel — your post-workout fuel. Here are 5 snack options for 5 different post-yoga circumstances – what you eat after a 9am practice will be different from after your 9pm sesh. Read more…

Bedtime Yoga Sequence For A Good Night's SleepThe Perfect Bedtime Yoga Sequence For A Good Night’s Sleep

No matter how much chamomile tea I drank, valerian root I consumed, or lavender I doused on my sheets, I had more success catching colds than I did catching zzz’s. That was, until I began practicing yoga. Read more…

How To Do Anuloma Viloma Or Alternate Nostril BreathingHow To Do Anuloma Viloma Or Alternate Nostril Breathing

Anuloma Viloma, or ‘alternate nostril breathing’ is best practiced before seated meditation or asana practice. Its purpose is to stimulate the nadis or energy channels that run throughout the body. The right side of the brain controls the left side of the body, and vice versa. Read more…

Credit: Media Club South Africa / Green Shoot Films Credit: Media Club South Africa / Green Shoot Films

Township Yogi Project Brings Hope And Empowerment To South Africa

"We want to change hopelessness and desperation to peace and hope, ill health and suffering to strong, empowered people who can face difficulties with true strength of spirit… that’s the kind of change we’re seeing because of the power of yoga.” Read more…

What's The Best Yoga For You Right NOWWhat’s The Best Yoga For You Right NOW?

Before stepping on my mat I always take a moment to tune in: where am I holding tension? What are my mental and emotional challenges? Tuning into myself in this way informs my choices on the mat and off, my practice of yoga (and Ayurveda) brings me back to recognizing and feeling like my true self again, and again. Read more…

YOGA STORIES I’m Nora, 25, And I Had A Stroke When I Was 23YOGA STORIES: I’m Nora, 25, And I Had A Stroke When I Was 23

You’re lying on the floor, trying to speak, but nothing comes out of your mouth, you’re scared as hell, the right side of your body won’t move. 4 hours pass until your mom finds you. You just had a stroke…That was me two years ago. Read more…

10 Foods To Support Your Yoga Practice10 Foods To Support Your Yoga Practice

Whether you’re practicing intense Power yoga or slowing it down with Hatha or Yin, a healthy diet is key to having both the energy and the focus to make it through your practice. Here are 10 great suggestions that will give you a boost without having you bouncing off your mat. Read more…

There ya have it, folks! As always, please feel free to let us know what you want to see on DYY — we're listening!

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