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505 Pregnant Yogis Set A New World Record

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It sounds like a scene from a dystopian novel: over 500 pregnant women wearing purple uniforms stand in a park in China and practice yoga in unison. But this is no nightmarish vision of the future—it’s a new Guinness World Record.

On June 8, the city of Changsha, capital of China’s Hunan Province, hosted 505 future mothers in what is now the “World’s Largest Prenatal Yoga Class,” according to the Telegraph. The class, which lasted for 37 minutes and 28 seconds, smashes the previous prenatal yoga record of 423 women, which was set in 2013 in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province.

China Daily reports that only women who were at least 12 weeks pregnant and provided health reports were allowed to participate.

As Guinness Record officials monitored the event, the 505 women went through a series of gentle yoga poses to officially become the new record-holders in prenatal yoga. Looks like Guinness World Records has yet another entry for its ever-changing list!

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