The Week In Yoga #59

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This edition of Week In Yoga puts together some really great content to help you in your yoga asana practice. We have stuff for relaxation, detox, practicing with yoga straps, and tons more.

We also get a 101 on yoga nidra and an inspiring piece about the phenomenon of yoga selfies and the reactions they elicit from the yoga community. And because today is also Father’s Day for a lot of countries across the globe, we’ll start with a quick tribute we put together for all the yoga-loving dads out there.

7 Yoga Photos that Celebrate Fathers, Spouses, Uncles, and All Men7 Yoga Photos that Celebrate Fathers, Husbands, Uncles, and All Men

Here are 7 wonderful photos from shared from the DOYOU Community that show just how loving, great, and yogic the men in our lives are! Thanks for sharing and if you see your picture, leave a shout out in the comment section! Read more…

5 Balancing-Yoga-Poses-to-De-stress-and-Relax-Your-Mind5 Balancing Yoga Poses to De-stress and Relax Your Mind

Here are a few of my favorites with tips on how you can incorporate them into your practice. These are yoga poses to de-stress and will help create a calmer, happier and more relaxed you. Read more…

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Full Yoga Detox with Kristin McGee (VIDEO)Full Yoga Detox with Kristin McGee (VIDEO)

Skip the the juices, the hunger, and the suffering; here are some rejuvenating yoga poses to get those toxins out of your system. Read more…

Is Yoga Shaming The New Fat Shaming?Is Yoga Shaming The New Fat Shaming?

Yoga translates to union, unity, and coming together. Yoga doesn’t stand for coming apart. It’s not about choosing the bits you like and trying to eradicate the bits you don’t. Read more…

What is Yoga Nidra?What is Yoga Nidra or Yogic Sleep?

Yoga Nidra is a five-stage process that begins with a body scan to engage one’s physicality. It incorporates meditation on the breath, the balancing of emotional states, visualization, and self-healing. Read more…

10 Ways to Use the Yoga Strap (With Photos)10 Ways to Use the Yoga Strap (With Photos)

No matter what your level of experience is with yoga, a strap can provide useful help on support, alignment, and posture. Remember not to pull your way into postures with force! Read more…

5 Reasons to Do Salabhasana, Locust Pose, Every Day5 Reasons to Do Salabhasana, Locust Pose, Every Day

An unassuming posture, Salabhasana, Locust Pose, is surprisingly challenging with a few different variations to practice. Here are some of the reasons to practice this backbend everyday. Read more…

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