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The Week In Yoga #29

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Today's roundup accurately represents the range of content we had this week—we have articles and pieces for beginner yogis (and even those who haven't step foot on a yoga mat yet), yogis who have been practicing for a while and are "polishing" their asanas, and yoga practitioners who have to be careful NOT to be "overly flexible."

Here's your one-stop DYY yoga updates resource with some of the week's top posts:

5 Tips for Starting a Yoga Practice as a Beginner5 Tips for Starting a Yoga Practice as a Beginner

With a little bit of detailed instruction and a lot of self-compassion, getting started on your yoga path is fun, easy, and exciting! Here are my top five tips for yoga beginners to get you started on your yoga path. Read more…

To Yoga Selfie, Or Not To Yoga SelfieTo Yoga Selfie, Or Not To Yoga Selfie

Okay, you guys. Let’s get real. We live in a culture of vanity. I don’t know if you have noticed, but we are all our own paparazzi. Visual imprints are how we tell the stories of our lives. Read more…

5 Yoga Poses and Stretches to Relieve Wrist Pain5 Yoga Poses and Stretches to Relieve Wrist Pain

We love yoga for what it does for our mind, body, and spirit. Some asanas, however, can put pressure on our wrists. Here are five great stretches and postures to get your wrists back in shape. Read more…

Mula Bandha for LoversMula Bandha for Lovers

It’s becoming a well-known fact that yoga can improve sexual pleasure! Let’s look at the pelvis-strengthening effects of yoga poses—more specifically, the Mula Bandha! Read more…

5 Tips for Crow Pose (With Video)5 Tips for Crow Pose (With Video)

My challenges in this pose led me to explore some of the key alignment principles in depth. I discovered a few significant cues that made the pose seem a whole lot easier, so I thought I’d share them with you. Read more…

What 10 Minutes Of Yoga At Home Looks LikeWhat 10 Minutes Of Yoga At Home Looks Like

While self-care should be a divine and prioritized activity, some days we only have 5 to 15 minutes to commit to feeling our best. Here's what yoga looks like if you only have 10 minutes. Read more…

How Flexible is TOO FlexibleFlexibility vs. Hypermobility: How Flexible Is TOO Flexible?

There is a degree of flexibility beyond which we start to actually lose the value of being flexible and start to risk injury. Here are five ways we can practice with integrity and prevent leveraging our hypermobility. Read more…

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