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What 10 Minutes Of Yoga At Home Looks Like

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Remember the last time you thought to you would work on a project around the house, bust out a few work-related tasks, or do your home yoga practice but convinced yourself that you only had x amount of time so it couldn’t happen?

The idea that we need inordinate amounts of time to get shit done is part of the human condition. While self-care should be treated like a divine and prioritized activity, some days we may only have five, 10, 15 minutes to commit to feeling our best. You can be short on time and still get on the mat.

Here is what yoga looks like if you only have 10 minutes.

1. A Seated Meditation

Ahhh. The yogi’s fast-food version of bliss—a 10-minute meditation. Grab a seat and shut it down.

Got 10? Set the timer on your phone for 10 minutes and redirect your focus back to being present. If you’d like to incorporate the use of mantra, select an affirmation that is short and sweet.

2. You Pick 2

Pick two Yin yoga poses that cater to imbalances that you have in your physical body.

Got 10? Grab a copy of a Yin yoga pose book and focus on your hips, your back, or shoulders.

3. New Pose Prep

10 minutes is the perfect amount of time to work on a posture to help with your flexibility, strength, or coordination. Deconstruct the pose in question, grab some props, and work on its preparation.

Got 10? Choose a posture that challenges you but doesn’t piss you off. Peak postures are different for all of us (and they don’t have to be circus-y postures if you don’t want!) but could include Splits, Push-Ups, or Forearm Stand.

4. Restore and Renew

Pick a restorative yoga pose and settle in with the use of your props. If you’d prefer, try two!

Got 10? Try a reclined chest opener or a pass or two at a forward fold. Sweeten the posture with ample use of props and strong breath.

5. A Handful of Sun Salutations

Move through a few rounds of Sun Salutations. Add and subtract a few as needed with your time constraints, and make a commitment to move with intention.

Got 10? Two passes (each) through Sun Salutation A and B, and then rest for 10 breaths in Savasana.

6. Five Minutes of Pranayama and a Meditation

Settle in for five minutes of a breathing exercise and then follow it up with a seated or reclined meditation.

Got 10? Try five minutes of alternate nostril breathing followed up with a seated medtation. Or switch alternate nostril pranayama for Bee Breath or Breath of Fire, depening on what the rest of your day looks like and where your energy is.

7. Savasan…ahhhh

Take 10 minutes of Savasana—enough said. Got 10? Get your ass-ana into Savasana!

So, 10 minutes of yoga looks pretty good, doesn’t it? What’s your favorite way to fit in a short practice?

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