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The Week In Yoga #19

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Alright, it's that time again, folks! Let's see…what do we have for you this week?

We have mantras to keep you inspired and continue on creating a habit of happiness, we have yoga poses (of course) and tips, this week we also delved into strength training and how it can benefit yogis. That last one got an interesting mix of reaction from you guys, so as always, it's great to see just how diverse the DYY community is!

Here are some of the week's top posts:

15 Fun Ways To Help Kids Stay Longer In Yoga Poses15 Fun Ways to Help Kids Stay Longer In  Yoga Poses

The benefits you get from practicing yoga poses increase as you stay longer in them. But staying for a long time in a pose is not easy for kids simply because, for them, it is totally boring…unless you do some of the following! Read more…


10 Inspiring Mantras For Your Spiritual Journey10 Inspiring Mantras For Your Spiritual Journey

You don’t need to use Hindu words, or words in a foreign language that you trip over with your tongue. Your spiritual journey is your own, and your mantras are intensely personal – whatever the language. If you need some inspiration, take a look at these words of beauty and truth.Read more…

Overheard At Yoga- 5 Things Teachers Said That Stuck With MeOverheard At Yoga: 5 Things Teachers Said That Stuck With Me

A yoga teacher is in a special position of healing, they can penetrate our hearts while we are in a state of vulnerability. This is one of my greatest reasons for wanting to become a yoga instructor. Here is my favorite compilation of words, which have changed my perspective…Read more…

6 Benefits Of Strength Training For Yogis6 Benefits Of Strength Training For Yogis

Yoga is flow, spirit, relaxation, and flexibility. Strength training is power, force, effort, and pure fitness. Until you realize that these differing disciplines have more in common than you might think. Here are the six benefits you can experience by mixing the two. Read more…

8 Yoga Poses to Boost Your Sexual Energy8 Yoga Poses To Boost Your Sexual Energy

How many of you can admit to falling asleep all too often as soon as your head hits the pillow, only to wake to your partner and apologize for being so exhausted? Kick that caffeine to the curb and instead roll out your yoga mat, and consider these poses your yogic espresso. Read more…

5 Yoga Poses To Help You Chill Out5 Yoga Poses To Help You Chill Out

Feeling frazzled? Stressed out from work? School getting to you? Yoga has many tools to offer in the way of dialing the nervous system down, which will help you to ease your way into some rest and recovery. Here are my top 5 go to poses when I feel frantic and the need to recover. Read more…

10 Mantras To Inspire Happiness10 Mantras To Inspire Happiness

Mantras are an excellent tool to help you develop a habit of happiness. These inspirational words or phrases have the power to inspire happiness from within, especially when life gets tough. If you’re not sure where to start, practice with the mantras below until you find one—or several—that awakens your spirit. Read more…

Which ones were your favorite?

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