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The Ultimate Guide to Child’s Pose

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Child’s Pose is one of the best yoga poses, in our humble opinion. A relaxing, mild inversion, there are so many benefits, and it allows you to center in whenever you need it. What could be better than that?

Because we love Child’s Pose so much, here’s your ultimate guide to this great asana!

Childs Pose YogaHow To Do Child’s Pose

Sometimes in our daily hectic lives we need to take a minute to wind down and get reacquainted with our center. We can definitely start to relax with Child’s Pose, or Mudhasana. Read more…

5 Health Benefits Of Childs Pose5 Health Benefits Of Child’s Pose

Ahh, Child’s Pose. If you’re anything like me, you dream about the moment your yoga instructor tells you to find your way to this tasty pose at the end of a long, sweaty flow. Read more…

How I Fell in Love With Childs PoseWhy I Fell in Love With Child’s Pose

As much as I hate to admit it, when I first started practicing yoga, I didn’t like Child’s Pose. Despite its status as a “resting pose,” Child’s Pose frustrated me. Read more…

Child's Pose for Relaxation (With Video)Child’s Pose for Relaxation (With Video)

Child’s Pose or Balasana thoroughly deserves its reputation as one of the most relaxing yoga poses. Read more…

Why I Love Child's Pose and Corpse PoseWhy I Love Child’s Pose and Corpse Pose

The resemblance of yoga and life is uncanny, in fact my two favorite asanas are incredibly vital to both and I’d love to share with you: Balasana and Shavasana the beginning and the end. Read more…

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