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The Relationship Between Yoga and Meditation (VIDEO)

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Do you ever wonder why yoga and meditation just seem to go perfectly well together? Why a lot of yogis have a sense of calm, an aura of zen, even in stressful situations?

I believe that if you look closely, you’ll see that yoga and meditation are two sides of the same coin; both unite the body and mind using the breath, to relieve stress, reenergize the body, and rejuvenate from inside out.

In this video, I talk about the different kinds of yoga and meditation practices, their benefits, and how practicing both can help you have a more positive and mindful outlook on life.

Join me as I guide you—body, mind, and breath—through DOYOU’s 30-Day Meditation Challenge. Using conscious breath and mindful engagement, I will help you conquer the clutter of your thoughts and emotions, find calm and inner peace, and connect with the true, spiritually fly you.

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