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The Quest for More Private Yoga Clients

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The quest to find more private yoga clients can lead down a rabbit (Sasangasana, anyone?) hole of doubt and frustration. These feelings often result in decisions to teach more dead-end group offerings, or a few "no"s that eat away at our excitement to start teaching private yoga sessions at all.

The path to a full client docket (on your own terms) will absolutely be studded with obstacles, distractions, frustrations, and those no’s we covered above — but the process can be all the more golden if you focus on a few key principles.

Nix Low Expectations

You can build a private yoga teaching practice based on the shared conversations your happiest clients have with those they know, or you can accelerate the process and trust that strategy and sustainability (and those pleased client referrals) will build traction and momentum.

The secret to starting your quest on a positive foot? Don’t start with low expectations — start with a strategy that feels good, yogic, and organic to you, but requires you to get a little uncomfortable.

Meeting other health professionals — yes! Following up with inquires from your website contact form — of course! Honestly auditing your current teaching gigs to make sure they are inviting (and leading to) private clients — order of private yoga biz #1.

Don’t think that building something worth having doesn’t take work. And let your actions rise up to meet your expectations to find more clients.

Be Unabashedly You

There are plenty of yoga teachers out there working individually with private clients or dreaming of doing so, stat. But not a single one of them is you. Playing it safe by occupying the middle of the road isn’t the way to find more clients. In fact, it’s a surefire way to blend in and not be seen.

Defining your specialty, your uniqueness, and paving the way for what you, and only you, do in the yoga world will not only make your heart sing with resonance and truth, but also carve your place in a crowded marketplace and make you the go-to in your area of specialty.

The middle of the road is the most boring place to be, and potentially the most dangerous. Get curious about what you love about yoga, where your passion and problem solving intersect, and what objectives you want to help people accomplish. Clarity and confidence attract private yoga clients every time.

Have High-Value Conversations

In a not-so-distant past life, I taught classes on first aid, safety, and lifeguarding. We regularly talked about an emergency truth: If you yell to a crowd for someone to call 911, it’s not as likely it will happen (not because people aren’t helpful or conscious, but because it’s not specific and they’ll assume someone else made the call).

Calling out a half-hearted “I’m taking private clients” mention in your group-led classes or posting a passing social media post is the energetic equivalent to hoping someone calls for help.

High-value services (we’re not just talking monetarily, but energetically, spiritually, and investment-based) require personalized conversations, individual invitations, and a level of courting potential clients.

High-value conversations lead to pleased and paying clients — the very kind you want more of. Don’t shy away from having high-value conversations and don’t forget that something as active as a private yoga teaching relationship isn’t won by passive actions.

These tips are designed to be starting points in your journey to attract more perfect-fit private clients. Let the inspiration of each concept motivate you to continue to do passionate work on the private yoga front and the private yoga clients you’d love to work with will come knocking.

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