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The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Staying Fit And Fabulous

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In this modern day and age, we’re all super human beings in our own right. Juggling work, school, hobbies, family, babies, boyfriend – you name it – we’ve got it handled! So when it comes time for ourselves, we’re exhausted and out of energy. No more excuses, here’s the lazy girls guide to pampering…because you should always put your health and happiness first.

For Staying In Shape

Walk more

No time for the gym? Walk up the stairs to your apartment (or even office if it permits). Find time in your day to walk more. Whether it be running errands or just giving yourself a few minutes to take a stroll after lunch. Not only will it calm your mind, but it will keep your waistline in check!

TV Time = Toning Time

I’m sure we all stop to check the news or catch up on our favorite sitcoms on TV once in awhile. Make the best of this time by holding a plank, or stretching while you watch. Here’s a fun idea: invest in a hula-a-hoop and watch the inches melt away while you enjoy the tube ?

For Staying Gorgeous

Invest In Versatile Skincare Products

Yes I know, skincare regimens day and night can get time consuming. If you’re short on time, invest in all-in-one products that are multi functional. Organic oils are amazing because they can act as a serum and moisturizer all in one. It can also be used all over the face or body…my current favorite is argan oil. (Check out my article on argan oil here!) However, no matter how tired you are, never skimp on cleansing thoroughly!

Face Mask In The Shower

Face masks can be daunting because you need to leave it on for 10-15minutes at the least. But when your skin needs that extra boost, they’re a blessing! Try cleansing and applying a mask before you shower. Then proceed with your shower and rinse your mask off right before you’re finished. You don’t waste anytime and your skin will thank you!

From one lazy girl to another – stay fit, fab and gorgeous (now with ease!).

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