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The 5 Best Yoga Poses for Summer

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Now that it's summer, the one yoga pose I am fantasizing about the most is Savasana…on the beach. Yet, even though summer is psychologically a time of relaxation, it is also one of the best seasons to practice yoga.

You may not always want to drag your sitz bones to class, but that only means you can have rewarding self-practice outside in the sunshine!

Here are some of the most important yoga poses for summer that you can practice rain or shine!

1. Twists

Credit: Jacqueline Buchanan Credit: Jacqueline Buchanan

If there is ever a time to live life on the edge, go crazy, and maybe have a “kalegarita” if you’re really in a wild mood—it’s summer! As yogis, we tend to be excessively healthy (how else can you wake up for that 6 A.M. meditation practice followed by 108 Sun Salutations?).

But it can also be life affirming to occasionally let loose and enjoy the company of friends who aren’t overly worried about their radiant bodies getting crumpled if they stay out past 9 P.M. A wild night can be fun, though you will feel the effects of poisoning your body if you do partake in festivities.

Twists are a great way to cleanse your liver and get back to your squeaky clean aura.

2. Shoulder Openers

Cow-Face-Pose-Gomukhasana-2If you live in a cold climate, winter means you spend a lot of time outside hunched over like Ebenezer Scrooge. After all those months trying to block the wind from chilling your bones, it is pivotal that you bring your shoulder blades back to where they belong.

3. Camel or Wheel

5-Exercises-To-Help-You-Get-Into-Upward-Facing-Bow-PoseMost of us live relatively isolated lives. We are busy with work, family, and more work. It is easy to let friendships and community fall into the bottom pile of the laundry list of priorities.

However, we are communal creatures, and having that support is not only meaningful, but also critical to our wellbeing. So open your heart! Remind yourself of all the people who want to barbecue tempeh with you, and grill chia seeds.

4. Inversions

Credit: Kino MacGregor Credit: Kino MacGregor

For most of us, being upside down is not how we spend our days—mostly because bats can be so pushy in those caves. Move over already! Inversions are scary to some, but they are also one of the most profound ways to change your perspective on your life, the world, and yourself.

Chances are, there is an inverted pose that you have yet to master, and the summer months are a great time to challenge yourself. Your body is more enlivened by the sunshine and good weather.

5. Meditation

5 Lotus Pose Variations To Prevent InjuryIdeally, we all have a daily meditation practice, yet sometimes it is easy let it slip and slide away—especially when you are busy. The summer is also a time where a lot is happening. Vacations, family obligations, and adventures can make these months feel hectic.

Chaotic times are the most important to maintain your meditation practice because it helps remind you to stay in the moment. It all goes by so fast.

What kind of yoga poses are YOU planning to practice this summer? Share your summer yoga and vegan bbq plans here with us at DOYOU!

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