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The 3 Types of Fear And How To Break Free From Them

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What if you knew how to attain anything you wanted in life; would you become more carefree, take more risks, enjoy every moment without any hesitation…would you do it?  Would you allow your life to change?

Each and every day, thousands of us make goals to strive to be better today than yesterday. We sit and imagine how life would be better, more fulfilling, if we achieved that happiness that we believe we want and need. As the days pass, and that original spark we held and felt alive with begins to fade away, we move more and more from being and feeling life, to being paralyzed from any motion.

3 Types of Fears

This paralysis manifests itself in all of us in the form of fear.  Fear stops us from moving forward, from letting go and taking risks.  Fear is like the birdcage, keeping us inside, dictating what we should do and what is or isn’t allowed.  It controls our being.

There are three types of fears; fear of failure, fear of pain and fear of now.

  1. Fear of failure can be best articulated in being afraid of never having what it is that we want, or attaining what we want and not being satisfied, not knowing how to accept what we have asked for, and move into that place of pure bliss.
  1. Fear of pain is the hurt that resurfaces from our past, the samscara that prevents us from moving towards attaining our goal. It is the disappointment we have endured and the loneliness we felt during those times, to staying in the wrong situation out of a belief of scarcity. It's the belief that if you don’t jump on the idea or hold onto the object of desire, it will never come again.
  1. Fear of now comes from the belief that you are not enough.  You don’t allow yourself to take the next step because on the subconscious level you believe you are not enough.  That little voice that chatters all the time telling you aren’t there yet, you don’t have it, you're not going to aspire to what it is that you wanted to aspire.

Knowing which type of fear drives your decision is like the bird lifting the lever and opening the door of the birdcage, setting itself free. This insight will open up your possibilities to attaining that happiness you want in life.

I used to be stuck in the fear of pain, it closed my heart to the experience of life — showing only on the surface what I believed I needed to be or only letting people in just enough to touch the inner wall.

Now I fear less, but I am not fearless — that would be reckless.  I don’t move with impulse, but with strength, knowing that opening my heart and letting the walls crumble isn’t such a bad thing after all.  It makes me feel human. Allowing myself to be touched, and touch others with grace and vulnerability, is opening up my doors to new experiences, new connections and ultimately to understanding and meeting my inner friend – me.

May you all find the most meaningful friend in yourselves.


agaby Aga Wyrzykowska – A police officer, A writer in the making, a soul searcher, yoga teacher and the student of human behavior and life.

You can find out more about Aga and connect with her via Facebook.

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