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A Simple 7-Step Meditation For A Happier You

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When was the last time you told yourself, "Wow, I'm so incredibly beautiful, smart, talented and healthy!" and meant it?

My guess is not enough (if ever!). Our inner voice usually says something more like this, "I wish I was prettier or smarter…why did I have to be born with this nose and why can't I make a living doing work that I love?"

In a culture fixated on self-improvement, our minds are accustomed to taking our own abuse. We buy into the idea that we're simply not enough. These subconscious stories replay every time we look in the mirror and discover a flaw rather than celebrate a perfect imperfection.

The upside to self-storytelling, however, is that you control the ending. Sustainable, everyday happiness begins at the end of the negative self-talk. The way to get there is through regular practice in believing that you are enough.

This simple 10-minute meditation will invite a new voice into your mind — one that accepts yourself exactly as you are.

Before You Begin

You will need a blanket, meditation cushion or pillow to sit on and a timer. I recommend reading through the instructions first, then guiding yourself by memory. Don't worry if you forget a step. You can also enlist a friend or family member and take turns guiding each other through.

The "I Am Enough" Meditation

  1. Set a timer for 10 minutes (or longer). Most smartphones have timers with chimes or other pleasant sounds.
  2. Sit in Easy Pose, Sukhasana (a cross-legged position with a triangle of space between hips and shins), with your hips elevated on a meditation cushion, blanket or pillow. If your hips and knees ache or feel strained, prop your hips higher until the knees are relaxed below the hips.
  3. Place your hands on your knees or thighs, whichever allows the elbows to relax more. Turn the palms down to ground and let go, or turn the palms up to receive and welcome in. Choose whichever palm position calls to you in the moment.
  4. Inhale from the abdomen. Travel the breath up the spine as you roll your shoulders forward and up. Exhale all the breath as you move the shoulders straight back and down. Keep the neck loose as you do two more rounds of slow, even breath with soft shoulder rolls. If it's helpful, inhale to a count of 4 and exhale to a count of 6.
  5. After your third exhale, close each eyelid gently on top of the other and let the mind quiet. Soften the features of your face, relax your chin, ribs, hips and knees. Feel the palms and feet grow heavy and secure.
  6. Bring your inner attention to your heart. Breathe sweetly into the front, back and sides of the chest to cradle the heart muscle with breath. Spend several breaths here, connecting with the aliveness of your heart beat.
  7. When your stillness arrives and the body ceases to fidget, repeat the mantra "I am enough" on your exhalations. Let the mantra bathe and brighten your heart center until the timer brings you back.

Practice this meditation whenever you doubt your worthiness. Over time, this simple, positive self-love habit will lead to a new internal script where you're not just saying you are enough — instead, you truly believe it.

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