There Are Yoga Teachers Making $10k A Month

And They Don't Have Huge Audiences On Instagram... Want To Know How?

She Quit Her PR Job to Become a Yoga Teacher. Here’s Why (VIDEO)

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The feeling of being “stuck” in your job, relationship, or financial and life situation is one that so many people around the world can relate to. We call lucky the people who find their passion and pursue it, thinking, “I wish I could do that.”

Paula from Argentina had a similar story…until she made the decision to change the narrative and her life.

“I worked in a publicity agency for a long time and I got very tired of that kind of living. I wanted to change and get more connected with myself, my body and other people, so I decided to become a yoga teacher. Many people think that doing yoga is just making beautiful postures, but being in yoga is about being respectful of other people and caring for them.”

Paula’s story is part of the 365 Docobites—a mini-documentary project and collection of 365 short stories of strangers around the world. Hers is just one of the many inspiring ones that remind us it’s never too late to start your own pursuit of passion.

Watch the video above to learn more about Paula and why she says “For me, yoga is the key to happiness.”

Video credit: 365Docobites

Featured in New York Magazine, The Guardian, and The Washington Post
Featured in the Huffington Post, USA Today, and VOGUE

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