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The Secret Is Out. We Are Bad Yogis!

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You might have read the Bad Yogi column on DOYOU, which is written by Erin Motz. It really brings up an interesting topic. It’s lovely that we are opening up and embracing the idea of our beautifully imperfect practice of yoga. Whether you've been practicing yoga for years or have just taken your first class, you probably secretly know that you are a bad yogi.

It feels good to say it out loud. I am a bad yogi.

Yoga Schedule? What Schedule?

Yes, you practice yoga. Well kind of, right? It might depend on how you define the word “practice." You try and hit up a yoga class about once per week. But sometimes it’s way less than once a week. Like way less. But every so often it’s more than once per week. Oh, and sometimes you practice at home while your dog licks your feet.

You don’t know any of the proper names for any of the poses. Except for Savasana, of course. You can often be found holding your breath during class, especially when attempting a frustratingly wobbly Dancer's Pose. More often than not, you are thinking about all of the things you have to do after class during Savasana when you are supposed to be trying to get into a state of deep relaxation.

During that same Savasana, you might hear someone else breathing just a little too loud and then that breathing drives you nuts for the rest of the  class. When you rush into class a minute before it starts and someone is in “your spot,” you are so annoyed. How could that person be in YOUR "spot”? Come on!

Flexible? Nope. Cheese? Yes, please.

You are not super bendy or flexible but since you are neither a gymnast nor working in a circus, you figure you don’t really NEED to be flexible. So that one works out. As for the fact that many yogis are vegan or at least a vegetarian, well…you can't really relate because you love Havarti cheese too much.

You take rogue water breaks in Hot Yoga, because hey – sometimes you can’t wait for the instructor to get thirsty. And yes, you probably even go for a bacon cheeseburger every now and then. All of these things and more probably make up some (or all) of your yoga practice.

But you know for yourself that you DO love yoga. In your own way and on your  own terms. Your mind is open and you are not afraid to practice your own brand of yoga. See, that is the beautiful thing about yoga — there is no wrong way to love, practice, and enjoy it. And I have to say…being a bad yogi feels oh so good.

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Yogi on the title photo: Erin Motz

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