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What Is A Bad Yogi?

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There are plenty of things Bad Yogis claim not to be, so the real question remains: what exactly is a Bad Yogi? Are we really making this a "thing"? Well, the answer is Yes. And we're proud of it. So to answer your question…

One Bad Yogi T-Shirt

  1. Bad Yogis are the ones in this unspoken group who don't do yoga to be a part of the cool crowd.
  2. Hey don't need to be able to do difficult poses perfectly or have their own Instagram hashtag.
  3. They understand that yoga is about feeling good, not just looking good.
  4. Bad yogis are real people, not impossibly fit, flexible, and flashy representations of yogi stereotypes.
  5. They're real people who aren't in it for the image or for the status, but because it's theirs.
  6. Bad yogis don't let any predetermined doctrine define their practice, and they don't adopt some rigid set of "rules" just for the sake of having some.
  7. Bad yogis define their own practice.
  8. Bad yogis aren't conceited and self-righteous about "their" style.
  9. They are inclusive and everyone is welcome, whether they are fat or thin or new or seasoned. It doesn't matter if they see yoga the same way you do, but they're welcome any way.

So this is for all my yoga renegades who indulge in the occasional burger, have never been to a shakti dance class, and admit to not always knowing your asana from your elbow. Cheers to your open mind and open heart to the unique and your endless dedication to your own badass brand of yoga. You are One Bad Yogi, and damn, we like you.

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