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4 Ways To Prevent Hair Damage From Hot Yoga Classes

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The combination of mermaid long hair and frequent hot yoga classes is usually not good. The heat causes a lot of sweating, which means washing our hair more often. Additionally the heat can leave our hair super dry and frizzy.  Having just completed a course in hot yoga training which required my super long hair (12” below the shoulder) to go thru 2 hot yoga classes a day in tropical humidity for 1 month – here are some tips to keep your long locks beautiful.

1.Use extra virgin coconut oil

The moisturizing vitamin E and delicious minerals in coconut oil leaves our hair silky soft. My favorite thing to do is to apply coconut oil on my hair a few hours before class, so it can really soak in. It also prevents baby hairs from frizzing up and keeps the bun/pony tail sleek and clean. Be warned: careful not to over do it, or else the entire hot yoga class may smell like coconut cake!

2. Don’t comb wet hair

When wet, hair is a lot weaker, so it is also a lot easier to cause breakage or damage. A trick is to comb your hair with your fingers while you apply conditioner to prevent any super knots. Once rinsed, towel dry your hair and comb thru your hair with some (coconut oil or favorite leave in conditioner) with your fingers.

3. Stay away from hot tools

If you’re attending a hot yoga class a few times a week, your hair has had enough heat! Try to use all natural ways to style your hair such as steam rollers (less damaging) or tying your hair in a bun for a couple of hours for beach babe waves. If you MUST use hot tools, don’t go without heat protectant spray first!

 4. Sleep with your hair in a bun

All the crazy tossing and turning we do in our sleep causes unwanted damage to our hair. Keeping our hair in a bun keeps the hair in place for even the most adventurous dreams! An extra perk: sleeping in a bun gives your hair a natural wave in the morning.

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