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Baby, Let’s Flow! Pregnant Yogi Takes Instagram by Storm

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Balancing poses like natarajasana are challenging enough. Now imagine doing them while more than eight months pregnant.

Saranlux "Wah" Wunjina is expecting her first child this month, but she didn't let her baby bump keep her from doing what she loves.

Wunjina, a 37-year-old Thai yoga teacher currently living in the Netherlands, discovered yoga in 2013 and has been documenting her journey on Instagram ever since.  Apart from the first 12 weeks of her pregnancy, during which Wunjina refrained from doing yoga to ensure the health of her baby, her commitment to her practice has never wavered.

Despite gaining a healthy 25 pounds over the course of her pregnancy, Wunjina seems to have no trouble doing complicated balance poses and inversions. Her dedication, as well as her strength, flexibility, and balance, have earned her a lot of admirers on Instagram. A video showcasing her prenatal flow racked up more than 60 thousand views in just two weeks, and more than one commenter described Wah as #pregnancygoals.

However, the very pregnant yogi's newfound fame has made her the target of critics. A handful of commenters have questioned Wunjina's motives and even accused her of endangering her baby.

Wunjinahas explained that her baby's safety remains the top priority, and that she has adjusted her practice accordingly. Wunjina, in an interview with Cosmopolitan, said, "I can't say what is right or wrong, but I know my body and myself. It's my personal practice."

Wah's due date is on July 13, but she shows no signs of slowing down. A recent Instagram post showed the talented yogi performing a sequence for inducing labor. Talk about dedication!

Have you ever tried prenatal yoga? Do you have any fun anecdotes about your experience you'd like to share? Sound off in the comments below!

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