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3 Reasons To Use Power Yoga For Stress Reduction

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I am currently an engineering student in my final year of college. I am attempting to complete an entire minor in just two semesters. I have a leadership role on campus. I am searching for a full time job post-graduation. And I am also attempting to make the most of my time in a beloved community that I will never experience again.

Stress, expectations and life overload me from time to time. But I am lucky that I can always turn to my yoga practice and watch the benefits abound around me. Not all of my peers are so lucky. So if you’re a living a busy life as well, or if you're just someone looking for physical and mental health improvement, you might want to try out power yoga for stress reduction. Why? Here are three reasons!

1. Power yoga releases physical and mental stress

Even one power yoga class is enough to decrease your stress level to some extent. A committed practice will be even more effective. As busy people, we tend to deprioritize physical activity in order to get more done, which, in theory, would reduce our stress levels. Unfortunately, we are missing one key point: exercise is vital to the stress maintenance process. Without it, we forfeit the ability release tension and pent up energy. In this aspect, power yoga provides a great outlet, because it allows you to release both physical and mental stress. Its difficult poses practiced in quick succession challenge your muscles and cardiovascular system, providing a release of physical energy that allows our bodies to feel rejuvenated. At the same time, yoga’s emphasis on breath and mental stamina provide the mind with an opportunity to de-stress as well.

2. Power yoga improves overall health

It’s no secret that when life gets hectic, good health can be the first thing to go. Something that I have noticed since I began practicing power yoga regularly is that good health feels good. Allowing yourself some time every day to move your body, strengthen your muscles and stretch deeply will contribute to a healthier, happier state of being. You will feel less sluggish and tired. You will be more energetic. Your body will feel looser, freer and lighter. When you’re healthy, your body will know it… and power yoga can help get you there.

3. Power yoga promotes inner peace

Meditation can be a valuable part of a fulfilled life. But most people do not know or appreciate its power. Meditation helps practitioners find peace within their chaotic minds. It teaches control, compassion and inner strength. It can be a powerful technique when it comes to dealing with emotional complications and inner doubts. I often find that it helps me remain positive and accepting when life gets to be, well, life. Power yoga introduces meditation slowly and gently, offering a realistic practice of which yogis can make what they like. Some will simply follow teachers’ prompts and see great benefits, others will latch on to the practice and commit to controlling their mind, but either way, there is a great deal of peace to be found through meditation.

Power yoga can be an amazing part of even the busiest life. If you commit to making time for it, you will see the benefits. It can help to make you sharper, happier and calmer, allowing the rest of your daily work to go more smoothly and pleasantly. If you’ve already incorporated yoga for stress reduction into your life, pass this article along to someone who hasn’t. As someone who has been the typical “busy person” for quite some time, I can tell you firsthand that they will thank you for it!

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