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Natural Anti-Aging Tips For Eyes

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It’s said our eyes are the windows to our souls. It’s also said that aging first appears in the area around our eyes. Recently, due to holiday events and life in general, I noticed my eyes getting a bit puffy and red from fatigue. Paired with the strain that comes with our daily use of computers – no wonder our eyes get damaged. With a few of the below tips, we can show love our eyes and keep the windows to our souls in tip top shape.

1. Cut Back On The Sodium And Alcohol

Both sodium and alcohol causes our bodies to retain water, which in turns causes puffiness. If you’re lacking in the sleep department, stay away from high sodium foods and booze to keep puffiness at bay.

2. Don’t Skimp Eye Cream

The skin around your eye area is extremely delicate and thin. Show it some love by keeping it nice and hydrated with eye cream daily. Applying eye cream right before bed has become a ritual for me – and it has helped my eyes as well!

3. Gentle Eye Massage

Massaging your eyes regularly will help with puffiness. Personally, I like to gently massage my eyes when I am applying my eye cream. Go around your eyes in a circular motion to get the blood circulating and revitalize your eyes.

These few tricks have helped me last through a busy work week plus holiday parties. I hope they work for you too!

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