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A Refreshing Morning Yoga Routine for Beginners (VIDEO)

Kristin McGee

Hey guys! Join me for this awesome beginners yoga flow class that will get your heart rates up and give you a fun AND efficient yoga workout! We will move through some basic Sun Salutations and Warrior poses, and work on balance and focus as we build up to the peak posture, Eagle pose. It's a great way to start the day in the morning or to do anytime you need an energy boost.

I designed this class to give you a morning yoga routine for beginners that you can use, follow, and even share with your friends and family—no prior yoga experience or flexibility required! The goal of the class is to get you familiarized and comfortable with Sun Salutations and standing yoga poses, which will also help you work on your stamina and endurance.

Watch this video to get stronger and more confident in your yoga practice, while you learn proper alignment and get your heart pumping in this energizing yoga flow. Want more beginner yoga videos? Let's practice together in my Complete Guide to Yoga for Beginners here on DOYOU!


Kristin McGee
Yoga and Pilates Instructor