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Morning Pilates to Get You Pumped Up for the Day (VIDEO)

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Looking for a short, gentle class that will leave you feeling grounded, tension-free, mobile and ready to take on the world? Then join me in this beginner level, morning Pilates class aimed to do just that.

This short Pilates class gently prepares your body for the rest of the day through the use of slow and mindful movement. It is designed to be done in the morning to help wake up your body and mind and get your body moving well and with ease.

We’ll work out the creaks, cracks and stiffness that occur after hours of laying in bed. We will focus mostly on the spine, moving it gently in all directions to ensure that your spine is well-oiled and prepared to take on all forces during your day. At the same time, the exercises will open your chest and shoulders, improve your breathing and posture, mobilize the hip joint, and release the lower back—giving you more freedom of movement and less aches and pains.

So why not give yourself a great start to the day? Join me in this video and experience new ways of easing tension, waking up in the morning and feeling great for the rest of the day. Check out my 7-Day Pilates Challenge and I’ll help you kickstart your Pilates journey!

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