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Mens Yoga Pants: An Essential Item for a Comfortable Yoga Workout

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While yoga definitely still is dominated by the ladies, more and more guys are starting to discover the awesomeness of it. Regardless of gender, it is important that you’re in good shape for your yoga session, not only in terms of body and mind, but also in terms of your outfit. You’ll be surprised to find out how important the right pair of yoga pants can be – especially for men!

You Need the Right Fit. For Real!

Doing yoga requires a lot of stretching, twisting and bending. So it’s important to find something that is comfortable enough for you to move freely but at the same time won’t be in the way while you strike your moves. If your pants are too wide or too long, you might end up stepping on them. If they’re too tight, you’ll constantly be busy with putting them back into place.

A Word About the Tight Kind

I personally never understood how dudes can wear those ultra tight yoga or cycling pants (be it for yoga or any other purpose). I mean, they don’t only look funny but also very uncomfortable. However, I constantly see guys sporting them at my ashram and many of them look quite competent during their yoga practice, so you might want to give them a consideration too (if you dare!).

Get the Right Material

The options are countless: Cotton, linen, polyester, spandex, hemp, organic textiles and many more. It doesn’t really matter what it’s called, but you will want to make sure that it has a couple of characteristics. Firstly, go for something that lets your skin breathe. There is nothing worse than yoga pants that suffocate your legs and make you sweat like a pig. Either way, you will sweat at some point, so the next thing you need to look for is absorptivity. If you sweat, your yoga pants must suck up the liquids, otherwise you’ll end up rolling around in your own body fluids. Lastly, make sure your pants don’t start sticking to your yoga mat when they’re slightly moist. Materials that fulfill all of the above criteria are usually cotton, linen, hemp and most other organic textiles.

The tips should help you make a wise choice when you pick your yoga pants. You don’t really have to get super fancy and special pants. I usually just wear some worn out sweat pants.

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