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Men’s Yoga Clothes: A Buyer’s Guide

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When yoga first hit mainstream popularity, women were more receptive of this holistic routine than men were. A lot of men thought yoga wouldn’t give them the strength and muscle training that they need in their fitness workouts. But now we see men of all ages, athletes, and celebrities jumping on the yoga bandwagon because of the many benefits it brings to their mind, body, and spirit. Yoga can build stamina, strengthen muscles, and improve balance, posture, and flexibility, which are important for men of all ages to stay healthy and fit. If you’re about to take your first class in yoga, the first thing you will need are the right yoga clothes.

What Men’s Yoga Clothes Do I Need?

There are a lot of choices available for mens yoga clothes. For tops, you can wear sleeveless shirts (or singlets) or a cotton shirt that fits your body nice and loose. Some yoga studios and classes will allow men to go shirtless, but this isn’t exactly advisable because you will sweat a lot during a workout and it’s better to wear sweat absorbent clothes to prevent your mat from getting too wet. As for bottoms, you can also choose to wear cropped pants, shorts, or full-length pants. Again it would depend on your preference and in which clothes you think you would be most comfortable.

Yoga pants for men come in different styles and are typically made of either a combination of cotton and lycra, and hemp. There are actually no specific types of clothing required in doing yoga; the only requirement is that the clothes should be stretchable and allow wide range of movement, and should be sweat absorbent but breathable enough so as not to weigh you down when your clothes start getting soaked in sweat.

What to Consider When You Buy Men’s Yoga Clothes

When it comes to yoga clothes for men, perhaps the two most important considerations are the fabric’s stretchability and its capacity to absorb sweat. It’s no secret that men tend to sweat more than women, so you would need workout clothes that will let you bend and stretch your way through the workout without worrying about slipping on your own sweat. It’s also imperative that yoga clothes are stretchable, because yoga involves doing poses and movements that require a wide range of movement. You won’t be able to do the asanas or poses the right way if your clothes restrict your arm and leg movement.

The type of yoga you’ll be doing will also factor into your choice of mens yoga clothes. For example, practitioners of Hot Yoga are often recommended to wear minimal clothing because they do yoga in a heated room. Or if you are doing more fast paced styles of yoga like Ashtanga, we suggest you stick to clothes that are not too loose especially if you decide to wear long pants. The extra loose clothing from wide-legged pants may get in the way of your movements in Ashtanga, which involves transitioning from one pose to another at a fast pace.

You don’t have to spend a lot to get the right yoga clothes. With the number of online and retail stores out there selling men’s yoga clothes, you can easily compare prices and quality to get the best deals. For clothing tops, expect to spend $10 or $15 up to $35. If you want to get clothes only from known brands, you may have to spend a little bit more. Yoga shorts can be bought for as low as $16 and can sell for as much as $60.

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