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Meghan Currie On Why Yoga is the Most Intimate Experience (VIDEO)

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A lot of yogis discover and fall in love with yoga initially through asana, because of the many physical, mental, and emotional benefits that yoga poses can offer. But eventually, most realize that there’s more to yoga than the physical benefits and sensations and so you explore and go deeper into the practice.

In this video, yoga teacher, dreamer, and all-around beautiful being Meghan Currie talks about just that. As she puts it: “The inner process while I’m practicing is the deepest and most intimate experience I’ve ever had. It’s a full body awareness and a whole body listening. It goes from the toes to the fingertips to the core to the surface of the skin and beyond.”

Watch Meghan flow through her beautiful practice, listen as she shares what yoga means to her, and be inspired to immerse deeper in your own practice.

Video credit: Alessandro Sigismondi

Featured in New York Magazine, The Guardian, and The Washington Post
Featured in the Huffington Post, USA Today, and VOGUE

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