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Meet Jaysea Devoe – The 12-Year Old Yoga Instructor

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While the rest of the 12-year olds are busy watching TV or hanging out with their friends, Jaysea Devoe of California is busy teaching pre-schoolers the basics of the ancient practice. And it looks like she’s not planning on stopping anytime soon, saying “I feel like I want to do this for a long time because I love teaching so much.”

Having completed the 200-hour teacher training, Devoe became the youngest yogi in United States at the age of 12. When she first told her father that she wanted to teach yoga, Rick Devoe wasn’t surprised at all, saying “Jaysea is just really Zen-y. She’s got this spiritual side to her. She’s always been intrigued by the moon and nature.”

When asked if she’s prepared of the injuries that come with the practice, Jaysea confidently says that they have learned “so many variations of all the poses” that she can do and teach to her students if they have injuries or to prevent them.

Aside from teaching 4-6 year old kids, the young Devoe is also teaching yoga to tweens and teens in the laidback town of Encinitas. She is currently eyeing conducting family yoga classes and starting her eco-friendly yoga mats business. As if teaching yoga classes and working on her yoga mat business are not enough, the 12-year old Devoe also spends time each week in a local organic farm as a volunteer.

The entrepreneurial drive and go-getter attitude seem to run in the Devoe family as Jaysea’s twin brother is a competitive surfer, and her 15-year old brother is both a teacher and a sponsored competitive surfer. With the kids’ activities, their parents Rick and Julie decided to send them to a school that allow them to attend the classes three times a week instead of the usual five.

“They only go to school three days a week and we told them ‘You have to figure out what you want to do and you’ve got four days to do it. And hopefully by the time you graduate high school, you have a career path chosen.’”

When she’s not teaching yoga or busy with her side business, Jaysea spends her time enjoying what most kids of her age do in their town – surfing. She does it with her best friend Miely when the Pacific Ocean is what she described as ‘glassy’.

Way to go girl!

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Featured in New York Magazine, The Guardian, and The Washington Post
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