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Learn Easy Yoga Inversions with Jess Rose (VIDEO)

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When we talk about inversions, the images that often come to mind are handstands and a variety of inverted arm balances. While all these poses are amazing and offer a ton of benefits, there are also easy yoga inversions that are accessible to yogis of all practice levels.

If the idea of inversions scares you, we highly recommend you watch this video and practice along with Jess Rose as she teaches you yoga poses that’ll get your blood flowing in heart-above-the-head postures.

This 10-minute class is part of the 30 Days of Yoga Challenge, a free and accessible yoga program designed to help beginners get started and to help non-beginners get back on the mat especially if they feel stuck in a yoga rut.

Ten minutes is all it takes and you can reap the benefits of yoga inversions in a class that’s tailored for yogis of all practice levels. Watch the video above and let Jess guide you through postures that’ll get your body moving, your blood flowing, and your energy skyrocketing!

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