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Kriya Yoga

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Kriya Yoga is heralded as the ultimate meditation technique which will bring you close to achieving Yoga's goal of attaining Nirvana. First endorsed by Paramhansa Yogananda in the book "Autobiography of a Yogi," Kriya Yoga has now developed into a popular practice meant to facilitate and expedite a practitioner's spiritual growth within the modern world. This is, indeed, a far cry from when it was still being practiced in high secret for thousands of years.

Kriya as a Technique, Not a Magic Pill

Those who are into yoga specifically for its divinity would do well to know that Kriya Yoga is a road to enlightenment, not an quick-fix solution to a problem. Like Prana Yoga, Kriya is also based on the breath. Breathing is deemed to be the most important action of the soul. From this act, therefore, flow all other energies and actions. Unlike Prana, however, Kriya also takes into focus the brain and the spinal cord. Using the breath, Kriya taps into the mind so that it may dictate upon the body's actions. It is only in the union of these three that a person is said to have mastered the technique fully. With regular practice, those doing Kriya Yoga are said to achieve a heightened awareness, not only of their surroundings, but also of their internal self.

Benefit Your Body Through Your Mind

Among the most common benefits of yoga is the improvement in one's flexibility and mobility. The same applies for the practice of Kriya Yoga. Muscles become firmer, leaner and more toned, because the asanas (postures) are specifically designed to complement the breathing techniques. Additionally, the internal organs are also worked out, having been exposed to better oxygen levels and allowing for better flushing out of toxins from the body.

Nourish Your Soul Through A Healthy Body

The main objective of Kriya Yoga is to achieve inner peace. The way to do this is to clear the mind of external clutter so that it can fully concentrate on meditation. Before you can do that, however, it is important that you pay attention to your body. If you are suffering from a physical ailment, your mind will naturally be preoccupied with the concern and worry for your body. This takes away from the energy you could have spent focusing on meditation. That is why Kriya Yoga tackles this issue at the very root, by utilizing breathing techniques or pranayama. As mentioned above, breathing does hold a lot of good for the body, unaware as we may be about it. Breathe right and your body will work right. When your body is working right, then de-cluttering the mind becomes more feasible, and ultimately, inner peace becomes more accessible.

Kriya Yoga is said to be a very powerful practice. When done correctly, practitioners attest to its life-changing powers. Regardless of your motivation for doing it, it is important that you abide and live by the tenets it upholds, so that you may fully achieve the benefits promised by it for your own good.

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