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Kids Yoga: 6 Poses You Can Do With Your Toddler

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Still think yoga is just for busy and stressed out adults?

Think again! Our toddlers are jam-packed with energy—running around, throwing tantrums, screaming, biting, and doing other not-so-adorable things. We can help our kids channel this energy into something more positive that simultaneously offers them tons of benefits. By teaching your kids yoga, the little munchkins can learn to navigate through life’s pressures.

Yoga for kids involves teaching them body awareness, kindness, and compassion in a non-competitive setting. Let’s get to modeling these poses with our little toddlers.  

Let’s turn this:

To this:

Here are 6 yoga poses you can use to introduce yoga to the little ones. Remember to make it light and fun, and let them make silly noises with every pose!

1. Cat-Cow Pose

From their hands and knees, walk them through dropping their belly and looking up for cow pose. Then, guide them as they arch their back like an angry cat—meowing sounds included!

2. Extended Puppy Pose

Photo Credit: Tumblr

This is a variation of child’s pose where the tailbone is raised high above the heels like a puppy. Tell the kids to imagine they’re a puppy just waking up from a nap, stretching their furry legs and paws. 

3. Tree Pose

Photo Credit: Giphy

Describe the roots of a tree and tell the kids to stand tall and proud, like a strong tree trunk, as they extend their branches with laser focus. 

4. Airplane Pose

Photo Credit: ChicagoParent

Balancing on one leg with the other straight behind them at hip height, have them extend both arms like wings. Tell them to imagine they are flying high over their city, or flying to their favorite place on earth.

5. Boat Pose

Sitting on their mat with their feet a foot or so in front of them, have the kids place their hands behind them and point their toes until they barely touch the mat. Then, they can play with lifting their feet off the mat and raising their arms to reach out in front of them. You can even partner up and do a double boat pose with your hands and feet touching. Aye, aye, captain!

6. Corpse Pose

Some kids do not like staying still, so try to make a game out of it. From Boat pose, tell the little ones to lie down and try to be as still as they can. Then introduce fun breathing games and activities for kids to have them notice what’s going on with their bodies.

Yoga helps kids become more focused and disciplined. Start with one or two poses, and then add in more along the way. Have fun!

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