Kids Try Yoga for the First Time, With Surprising Results (VIDEO)


What happens when a group of kids who've never set foot on a yoga mat before try to do poses like Downward Dog…or even Scorpion pose?

We know that kids are naturally more flexible than adults. Things we did easily as children — like squatting with heels flat on the floor, or doing a backbend — now require real effort and a lot of practice.

So given their natural flexibility at this young age, there remains one burning question: can kids perform yoga postures despite having zero experience with yoga? The staff over at Buzzfeed decided to find out.

In this video, a yoga teacher guides a group of children through several postures. None of the kids have ever done yoga before, but, with admirable enthusiasm, they all agreed to give it a go.

Can a rambunctious six-year-old hold Tree pose for more than a few seconds? How about inversions? Hit play above and find out!

Source: BuzzfeedVideo

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