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Kids Guess Yoga Poses Just Based on the Names (VIDEO)

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Imagine for a moment that you’ve never heard of yoga (asana) and any of the yoga poses—what would you do if someone told you to “get into Triangle pose“? Be honest, you would probably put your hands up and form a V with your arms, right? How about if you tried it with kids, how do you think they would try to do poses like Happy Baby or Warrior?

Thanks to this video, we get an idea of the fun and laughter that will ensue if you tried the same game with your own kids or students. With the guidance of a yoga teacher, here you see the adorable HiHo Kids guess yoga poses and how to do them just based on the names.

It’s not a secret that kids yoga offers a LOT of benefits that go beyond giggles and deeper family connections, and maybe this video will inspire you to try the same with your kids to bond with them and have fun while doing it. Enjoy!

P.S. Dear grown-ups, how come we didn’t think of “Superhero Pose” first?!

Video credit: HiHo Kids

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