Yoga Is For Everybody? Not Quite...

This 2-minute quiz shows you if yoga is for you. Or what you should do instead.

I’m Ché Dyer, And This is How I Yoga

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Name: Ché Dyer

Occupation: Yoga Teacher + Illustrator

Location: London, UK

Favorite yoga style: Vinyasa Flow

Favorite yoga pose: Wild Thing (although it changes regularly!)

What Do You Love Most About Yoga?

The feeling of grounding it brings me. The peace it brings to my mind and heart and the toning and lengthening it brings to my body.

How Has Yoga Changed Your Life, Personality and Physique?

Yoga has had a huge impact on my life – I’m a lot calmer and more centred now because of a daily practice. I’m less reactive to situations and emotions and feel like

I have a little buffer between my thoughts and my actions which is hugely empowering for me as it gives me space to process, absorb and act in a more powerful way.

And of course it’s toned up my arms and core, but I think that’s just a lovely added bonus!

What Everyday Thing Did You Get Better At Because Of Yoga?

As someone in the creative industry, there is a lot of self doubt that goes on in my head. Yoga has definitely helped me to “get over myself” and just put myself out there with less fear!

How Do You Keep Your Yoga Practice Interesting and Challenging?

I try and visit different studios, attend different workshops and listen and practice with different teachers. I love a home practice though which is why I created a home practice guide. I sometimes use the exercises in there that I have developed to help elicit creative sequencing.

What Book, Website or Person Inspires You?

I’m inspired by the students that I teach and the progress that I can see them making in their bodies and their minds.

What Do You Listen To While You Do Yoga?

All sorts of things! I’m forever creating yoga playlists! I work a lot on my computer illustrating, so while I’m illustrating I often listen to music which then filters into my playlists. Right now I’m loving Max Manie – The Ocean.

What’s The Best Advice You’ve Ever Received?

I’ve received a lot of helpful advice, but the random one that has popped into my head right now is “Instagram is not a business plan.”


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Featured in New York Magazine, The Guardian, and The Washington Post
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