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Yoga for Athletes – How To Change Your Game

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Yoga for Life – A weekly column by Amy Lynn Grover

We all know there are a billion physical benefits of a yoga practice for the average Joe (if you don’t know by now, I’m going to have to assume you live under a rock). This means that, whatever your background is, yoga comes with specific benefits that will help YOU improve yourself. If you're an athlete and want to separate yourself from the competition, it has to happen more than just on a physical level. So if you are an athlete and/or aspiring to go pro, here’s how yoga can literally change your game.

Managing Stress

A regular practice can dissipate pre-competition anxiety and manage stress levels in the game (on field, court, pool, etc).

More Mental Power

The practice enhances sensory acuity, mental focus, concentration, clarity, will power, and determination.

Control Emotions

Yoga balances and manages emotions and thus helps you focus, concentration and judgment.

Quicker Mind

Accelerated mental response time for effective strategizing and execution.

When the entire team practices together, it is like jelling (as my dance teacher used to call it). Yoga for athletes enhances team synergy, chemistry and telepathy in the game i.e. on the playing field.

Get off the bench, on your mat and in the game!

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