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How Yoga Helped Me Lose Weight And Get Through Multiple Diseases

How Yoga Helped Me Lose Weight And Get Through Multiple Diseases

I am Savannah. At 17 years old, I was already suffering from different diseases of people that typically affect those who have more than 50 years in their lives.

I have always been active; I played football in high school, in university I went to the gym, and I've always taken care of my food intake. But my problems began when I turned 17 years old with cramps in my heart, I couldn't breathe at nights and suffered insomnia, the cardiologist gave me a diet that only made me feel worse.

When I was 19 years old, I suffered from kidney disease and then rheumatoid arthritis. I was studying architecture and was always in a lot of pain when I’m finishing architectural drawings free hand. I started to gain weight and I gained 30 pounds in 2 weeks without any reason -- I had SOP and the doctors couldn't help me in any way.

I lost all hope, I thought that I will be sick all my life. All my life plans changed and got affected because my body doesn't have the power to warm itself; I was wearing sweaters in summer, I couldn't sweat, my hair was falling, I couldn't climb the stairs of my house without running out of breath, I got the flu at least every 2 months, and I’m not even going to talk about my moods...

How I Found Yoga

I started  my blog on Tumblr and I met Stephanie, an active yogini that inspire me to change my life. My dad was with his sciatica pain and she recommended a yoga video for me to practice with my dad. After two weeks of practicing, my dad can walk; my heart got touched! I have faith that I could gain my health back and my real yoga practice begun.

I started practicing on my own with the help of some Youtube yoga videos. With homeopathic treatment and a year of yoga practice, step by step my body started to change.

Even during the first months I could already sleep like a baby,  rheumatoid arthritis stopped, I don't get sick of the flu, I can climb more than 10 steps without losing my breath,  my body can warm itself, I get sweaty, and now I am even losing weight without rebound.

Yoga Helped Me Regain Faith And Inner Peace

Yoga didn’t just change my body -- it changed my mind and my life, and gave me inner peace and faith.  I‘m gaining my health step by step, giving me more than I thought that yoga ever could help and change my life for the better.

I feel stronger and happy every day. I feel like a yogi, not because I can do all poses perfectly, but because I believe I can do 'perfect' in my own way -- a way that my body and soul makes me one! This path makes me grow on my own way to be a better version of me, every Namaste has an intention, an intention to reborn.

P.S. The cramps of my heart were because I didn't eat enough potassium, I didn't need a diet, I only needed bananas.


Savannah Garciaby Savannah Garcia - Savannah is a freelance graphic designer and architect. She's a lover or art and a confident yogini for a year and counting, and credits yoga for helping her regain faith in herself and her practice. She is also a believer of the power of nature and self-concept. Find out more about Savannah here and through Instagram.

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