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How Yoga Became My Anxiety Cure

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While working my way through graduate school to become a licensed professional counselor, I found yoga. Or better yet, yoga found me. Semester after semester I would sweat, bitch, complain, and worry about all the horrible things that could go wrong during one of many student presentations.

With each semester my classmates would continually remind me that the more presentations I did, the less anxious I would become. NOT TRUE!

In fact, the more I presented, the more anxious I became. My anxiety was crippling me, my cardio routines were leaving me bored and without results, and I needed something to change; I needed something brand new. Despite all my mental health training, I could not shake my anxiety.

…And Then Came Yoga

It wasn’t until I found a 20-minute yoga video that I began to live life differently. After only a week of this routine, I began noticing a decrease in my anxiety levels. I could finally breathe!

Our lives are so filled with external chaos that there is no room for internal chaos. It is up to us to tame the wild beast known as our minds. But how does one tame the beast? The answer is simple: practice yoga.

Yoga can be as calm, gentle, and relaxing as you want, or it can be sweat-inducing, heart-pumping, and core-strengthening; either way you will experience a great change within yourself and with how you approach life in general. If you are serious and create a dedicated practice, yoga will cure what ails you.

Yoga does not have to be a stiff, quiet routine. For me, yoga has taught me to flow through life and love with fluidity and enthusiasm. The world is a beautiful place when we seek within ourselves, for we are the only ones that know what creates peace within our soul.


Autumn Moranby Autumn Moran – Autumn is a free-spirited yoga teacher; passionately pursuing a life that is full of adventure, curiosity, and purpose. Her goal is to bring awareness and education and her life motivator is to encourage people to find their hidden strengths and beauty to become the best possible version of themselves. You can connect with Autumn on Facebook and follow her on Instagram.

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