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How To Teach Your Kids A Green Lifestyle

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One of the important aspects of parenting is teaching your children your values, and helping them to become strong, well-adjusted adults. If you live a green lifestyle, it is even more important to teach your children to protect their bodies and their planet so they continue green practices once they leave the house.

Show, Don't Tell

The best way to start teaching children how to live a green lifestyle is to live one yourself. By taking active steps to take care of yourself and the earth, you show your children it is important to you. In addition, living the green lifestyle is an easy way to introduce children to it. Instead of making a big deal about explaining recycling and how to do it, they will know simply because they see it every day.

Give reasons to be green

Of course, some teaching will need to be done. In order for children to want to continue a green lifestyle, they need to know why they are recycling or using holistic medicines or composting. Understanding the why behind a green lifestyle will allow them to connect the practice of green living with their individual lives rather than doing it simply because they "have to."

Be in it for the long run

Many people say they live green to protect the planet for the next generation. However, when the current generation is gone, it is the next generation that will be responsible for protecting the planet for the generations yet to come. It is not enough to work toward a healthy planet for your children. Instead, you might want to consider working toward raising stewards of the earth for all the children of future generations.

It might sound like a bit of a cliché but it is now more true than ever. By teaching children to live a green lifestyle, you can ensure that the steps taken to protect the earth today will continue for generations to come.

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