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How to Find Flow Outside of Your Yoga Practice

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Finding flow means more than just recognizing the breath. That is a channel for drawing into the body and finding a synergy of body and mind. But flow also has another vein of meaning to it, one that is connected to the first.

Finding flow means losing yourself in the moment, becoming so engaged in what you are doing and where you are in space that you forget the other things going on around you.

Finding that kind of focus in our modern buzz can be hard. Finding the breath and moving with it is one version of flow. But how do we keep it so that we can stay connected more often?

Here are some ways to quiet the chatter so that you can tune into a direction to help you follow your bliss:

Find what you love.

Doing something we love in our spare, and ideally in our work time helps calm the thoughts and engage you in the moment. The idea is that we are so engaged that we get absorbed into what we are doing and enjoy every bit.

Finding that thing that sucks you in, though, can be harder. Trying brand new things, taking classes or just researching a new direction in work or play can set a fire under you to start new.

I try to remind myself, especially when I get caught in that swirling drain of same-same, that life should be an adventure. Little adventures can take you a long way.

Take time to do nothing.

Slowing down is key to finding flow. We’ve forgotten the art of leisure and traded it for productivity. Ironically, this productivity makes us, well, less productive.

The brain needs time and rest to regenerate creativity and ideas. This time is when the juices get flowing and we can really spark new changes and draw into them.


If you are anything like me, you need lots of time to think, process, and reprocess your experiences and your place in them. Journaling is one way to do that in a real, concrete and visual way.

Revisiting your writing can give you changed insight into the exact set up during times of success with finding flow.

There are lots of ways to find that sweet spot of focus and engagement toward something you love, and I’m always looking for new ways to get there. What works for you? Share your tips on how to find flow below!

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