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How To Do Seated One-Legged Forward Fold

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This week’s pose is the very common but overlooked Seated One-Legged Forward Fold. Let’s fill you in with the amazing benefits!


Seated One-Legged Forward Fold gives a nice stretch in the back legs, from the glutes, to the hamstrings then to the calves and is also a good stretch for the side body — from the armpits to the ribcage then to the hip. It massages the internal organs with each concentrated breath, which then stimulates good digestion.

As with any hamstring stretch, practicing this asana will release low back pain. This pose is also very calming for the mind, alleviating any stress or anxiety from the everyday demands of life.


  1. Sitting with your back straight, extend the right leg and flex your toes towards your face.
  2. Bend your left knee and bring the sole of that foot to the inside of the right thigh
  3. Inhale and extend the hands, arms and the crown of the head up to the sky and turn your torso so that your facing the extended leg
  4. Exhale, hinge at the hips right over the right leg.
  5. Take a hold of your calf, ankle, or sole of the right foot.
  6. Stay here for five deep breaths and repeat on the other side.


Try to maintain a neutral neck position and keep the low back flat. As you inhale, elongate the spine. Exhale and energetically bring your heart to your toes. For those of you who are more flexible in the hips, you can put a block between the hands and the sole of the extended leg.


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