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How To Declutter The Mind And Finally Concentrate

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Yoga is not an exit strategy; it is an entrance.

We often use yoga poses to de-clutter our minds. And once we remove the clutter that has been molding our physical health, emotional stability, and mental sanity, we can clearly set our course for being free from pain and suffering.

Western culture does not teach us concentration. We are fed a steady diet of media and countless ways to distract ourselves from a very young age. But we aren’t taught ways to remove the clutter and distraction. Consequently, most of us have not learned how to focus the mind to be present. Think about it: Who taught you how to concentrate?

The Key to Decluttering The Mind

Our lives often involve an addicting sense of rush that is a part of our fast-paced lifestyles. If anything, we grow up learning “how to be distracted.” Eventually, we get really good at it.

Learning to concentrate is the key to reducing mental clutter. If we don’t concentrate, our internal self-dialogue will distract us again and again. The ego-self loves to distract us from our bigger PURPOSE (dharma).

When we are not distracted, we are like a focused laser light. The laser focus keeps moving inward toward a specific point and thus maintains its strength and focus. The beam of a flashlight is decidedly not, as it starts at a single point and grows wider as it leaves the source. When we are distracted, we are like the flashlight creating drama wherever we go.



DHARANA which means CONCENTRATION brings order to jumbled thoughts and judgments that clutter the conscious and unconscious mind. It’s like being overwhelmed by a very messy and disorganized room. But when you focus and you put things in place one at a time, you can finish the job quickly and effectively.

Cleaning out the mind is similar. The task can be daunting, but when we concentrate and focus, the work moves swiftly. Without that deep level of concentration, however, it’s unlikely that much will change.

Using yoga to learn the ways of dharana, or concentration, allows us to make healthier choices and from that deep place of undistracted energy, we can really change our lives. Love yourself, love your day, love your life! Silvia

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