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How to Celebrate World Sake Day with Apres Yoga

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The practice of yoga brings you inward, helping you connect with what’s important within you. You should always remember, however, to balance your inward practice with an outward practice and connect with those around you.

One great way to extend your practice is an Après Yoga get-together with friends – what we like to call Zen Sociability —in a way that lets you unwind, not undo, your hard work.

Zen masters, yogis and a growing number of Westerners have discovered an ideal pairing to round out their Après Yoga celebration – a cold glass of sake. While some believe alcohol and yoga don’t mix, Tojis (head sake brewers) have been meditating in rice fields to be one with nature for centuries, and 75% of yogis enjoy a nice drink (in moderation, of course).

But why sake in particular? Because October 1st is World Sake Day, and we're totally pumped! After your yoga class, get together with all your yoga pals and join us in celebrating. Here's how:

1. Discover the history and how it’s made.

Much like your yoga practice, the history of sake is long and full of tradition. From the way Tojis meditate on rice fields to how they ferment sake like beer, there’s a lot more interesting facts you can learn just by breaking out the trusty Google machine.

2. Celebrate after completing a yoga challenge.

Whether it’s a 30-day yoga challenge or a killer core yoga class, give yourself and your friends a pat on the back and clink your glasses to celebrate how you powered through it all!

3. Extend your practice with Zen sociability.

What you practice on the mat is just as important as your practice off it. Instead of rolling up your mat after class and taking off, hang around the studio a bit, talk to the studio newbie or the person with the crazy-awesome handstand you've always admired, and invite them out for an unwinding glass of sake.

4. Invite friends for a special celebration.

Drinking sake in Japan calls for a special ceremony. Sharing is a special part of the sake ritual, so that's all the more reason to drink with friends! Here's a great way to honor the tradition of sake drinking:

  • Pour the sake into a Tokkuri, a small ceramic carafe, and place it on the table.
  • Give each guest an Ochoko, a small sake cup. Guests cradle the cup in their palm and hold it toward you as you fill their cups. Allow them to fill yours instead of filling your own – it is considered bad form to fill your own cup!
  • Raise your filled cups and shout “Kampai!" or “Cheers!” as you all enjoy your first sip.

So fill your friend’s glass, raise your Ochoko in a salute to Zen Sociability, and unwind as you extend your beautiful yoga practice in an outward celebration on World Sake Day! Kampai!

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