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How to Build a Sequence Around Tree Pose

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Tree Pose, or Vrksasana is one of the most iconic yoga postures. Ask someone to “stop, drop, and yoga,” and 80% of the time they will do Tree Pose.

So as a yoga teacher or home practitioner, how could you build a sequence around Tree Pose?

There are several ways…

1. The Intention of the Class

Designing a practice with Tree as the peak pose can be quite beautiful. This is an opportunity to bring in themes such as feeling grounded, growing roots, rising toward the light, and blossoming.

These themes go well with change of seasons, travel and retrograde planetary days. Think about all of the beautiful properties of trees, forests, jungles… use these as inspiration for your practice.

2. Preparatory Poses

Tree Pose is a hip opener, balance posture, and a great way to align the spine and central channel of the body.

In order to build up to Tree Pose, spend time on Tadasana. Help your students find a super strong and grounded Mountain Pose. Go in depth with the alignment of Tadasana to help the students build an awareness of the body that they can carry with them. This will help them align their Tree Pose, as well.

Feel free to include supine or seated hip openers in the beginning of the sequence. This way, by the time the students get to Vrksasana, their bodies are ready.

3. Bring in More Advanced Variations of This Pose

Another way to design a class or practice around Tree would be to explore all the different ways the body can make a similar shape with more of a physical and mental challenge of concentration.

Side Plank with the foot stacked like Tree Pose is a great one! Flying Eagle Pose or Eka Pada Galvanasana is a challenging arm balance that derives from Tree. Explore Headstands or Handstands with the legs in Tree Pose.

The possibilities are virtually endless!

Even after practicing yoga for decades, Tree Pose is still a favorite. It is always a challenge, always comforting, and always a beautiful expression of the body and an energetic feeling of vitality. Don't be afraid to play with your practice and sequences. See how you can add more Tree Poses to your life!

How do you like to sequence around Tree Pose? Share with the rest of the community in the comments below!

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