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How To Be Your Own Best Friend

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There is one person who you should really get to know. This person deserves massive respect, pampering, love, affection, kindness and high-five / bum-pats saying “way to go”on the daily. This person is ridiculously cool, hella funny and obvs – is a total fox.

I think we all know what the big reveal is here but in case you need me to spell it out – that person is you. And before the cheese storm becomes so overwhelming that you’re digging yourself out of a pile of cheddar, let’s just imagine that what I’m saying is totally true.

What would your life be like if you loved yourself the way you love the person you admire most? How would your days be different if you recognised your own value, sexiness, talent and genius?

I’m willing to wager that your life would be everything you deserve it to be and more. And all you have to do, is love the shit out of yourself.

Why Loving and Celebrating The Self Can Get Tricky

It’s hard, right, because we’re taught to be all modest and non-gloaty. We’re barely taught to recognise and praise our own strengths, and instead, we spend most of our time dwelling on what we perceive to be our weaknesses.

I mean, as a kid if you got up and said how attractive, funny and smart you thought you were in front of a classroom of your nose-picking peers – you’d be laughed out of the school. And then, if you did it again today, well some people would say “way to go, you”while others would smile, secretly thinking you’re a conceited ass.

So how do we change this behaviour that allows us to see how awesome other people are but doesn’t allow us to recognise greatness in ourselves?

I have to be honest here: I don’t really know the answer. I think there are probably a hundred little answers and little changes that we can make in our daily lives to get this ball rolling. What I do know for certain though, is that it all starts with practice. Each of us has to practice loving ourselves more.

Where The Wild World of Yoga Comes In

Yoga is all about self-discovery and understanding. It’s about acceptance and bearing witness to all the messy stuff and still finding a smile amidst the chaos. In yoga, we surprise ourselves. We see how amazing our bodies, hearts and minds can be and in this discovery comes new confidence, excitement and that feeling of self-worth that we all deserve to feel.

I don’t know who the last person was to say this to you, so I’ll say it now: You deserve to be happy, healthy, smiling and free. Now say it to yourself out loud. We have to choose to be our own best friends, to give ourselves the love we crave and to fill our hearts from within so that they can shine brightly out into the world.

I know, it’s a massive pile of gooey cheese and maybe you’re rolling your eyes, but I know that there’s a part of you that totally believes every word of this. Now, you must strengthen that part of yourself. Get on the mat, surround yourself with like-minded, positive people who share your joy and glowing outlook. Don’t be afraid to praise all the wonderful things that braid and melt together to make that divinely inspirational human that is you.

You’re a babe. You’re a stone-cold fox. You’re talent and good vibes personified. Go and spread the love, you dear yogi soul. And take on the most satisfying and rewarding role of your life by being your own best friend.

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