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How Do You Stay Motivated in Your Practice as a Yoga Teacher?

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The Question: As a yoga teacher, do you ever find your own yoga practice suffering, and if so, how do you stay motivated? ~Rachelle

The Answer

Whether a teacher or just a student, a beginner or an advanced practitioner, everyone at some point becomes "bored" with his or her yoga practice. It’s inevitable. However, getting through that stalemate is part of the beauty that is yoga.

As a teacher, it’s definitely easy to fall off the practicing bandwagon. Instructors get so caught up in teaching and sequencing that they forget to put their feet on the mat themselves.

If you’re teaching 15 classes a week but don’t get to do your own yoga, you should rethink your schedule. You won’t be doing yourself or your students any good if you’re teaching tired, boring, uninspired classes.

I find that one of the best ways to juice up my practice is to study, study, study. Doing a new teacher training or attending a workshop with an instructor I’ve never learned from is such a good way to become more inspired. Take as many classes and trainings as you can, but always be raw and authentic.

Another thing: if you’re imitating and copying your favorite instructors, your students will know.

It’s an awesome thing to love what your teachers teach, and to be influenced by them, but be sure to teach what you really love and believe. The way you can make sure you do this is by cultivating a true home practice.

Don’t prepare a sequence by watching a YouTube video. Find a quiet space, turn down the lights, close your eyes, and teach from your heart.

Additional Information

My number one tip to not letting your practice suffer is to realize that your work is important. It serves a purpose. Sometimes when we feel that our work isn’t worthwhile, it’s easy to get bored and unmotivated.

Yoga instructors inspire. They help people to see the beauty and the peace inside of themselves and the rest of the world and that is everything.

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